Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carbohydate Binge@Four Leaves

Demona: Anchorpoint is mine, and Aileen's favourite hangout point during days when we have no where else to go but too lazy to go anywhere further too. Besides the fact that is near home, it is also the one and only FULL-ON-PURELY outlet shopping mall. Thus, brands like Charles&Keith, Giordano, G2K etc are at a damn good price alright. C&K is also constantly swarmed by fashionally maddened ladies, who could not resist overspending shoes and bags that they don't truly need, but at that moment psycho-ed themselves to think that they need 'em. Myself, a culprit of it too, although for a girl, I am considered fashionally underbudget.

*wacks Dogma*

Demona: RIGHHHHHHT, Dogma? :)

SGD 11.90 for a pair of heels?? How to find?? (even if I want to bring in the RM exchange rate).

Ok, crap. I'm totally getting off track here alright.

For those who knows me well, they know besides my love for chillies, I pledge my heart to forever self-struck in love with sinfully starchy, carbohydrate power packed, sugary sweetness pastries, buns, bread too.

On some shamefully desperate days, I could go on every meal with ... buns.. toast bread with any spread.. pastries. Friends of mine, especially testosterone oriented ones who survive on rice, meat.. macho staple foodie stuffs, sometimes worry for me bizarre eating habits.

This one particular night, was *sigh*..... a full-on carbohydrate binge (rate was accelerated even more after a few extra laps on top of my routine 1 km length swim). Calories "kau kau" piled back on alright. Hahaha. Who cares, until my skirts and pants get a little too tight again.

Demona: I stopped to scout pastries from Four Leaves because I found their "Little Bite Size Pastries" promotion, hard to resist! One costs, SGD 0.85, however if you choose four, you will pay a total of SGD 2.80. Discounted SGD 0.15. Best part of it, you could choose from any combination of these cute, tiny, lil' buggers!


Demona: Aileen was craving for a.. CHOCOLATE BROWNIE baby slice. The brownie was actually fairly nice. It was moist, superrrr chocolate-y and not too sweet either. The walnut content was a lil' "kiam siap" though. I think my home made brownies still win the trophy
(Laughs out loud with no awareness to even flight a slight bit of shame)

nDemona: Like yin and yang, coffee and tea, nasi lemak and sambal ikan bilis, char siew and siew yok rice, thosai telur and spicy chutney, sweet pastries must also be in balance with some savoury ones also. I chose a mayonaise sausage bun.

This was average, as with every mayonaise sausage buns there are outside. I've been eating this bun my whole life, and they look the same, taste the same (either bun is too soft, or too hard, lack of taste, or the sausage is too soggy, or too hard, or too oily, or all of the above). Just that now, they make it look cuter, smaller, prettier. Package change, taste stays same. *yawns*

My future bakery, I would like to revamp this sausage bun into something, new, cool, exciting and tastes gooooooood!

Demona: This was a raisin cross bun. It was actually quite nice, the taste I mean. The only downside was that the bun had already soften. After all, it was almost 8pm when I came over here to eat. The hot and humid weather of our country just won't permit us to take a nice, crunchy, crispy bite of freshly baked pastries and bread however air and moisture tight these bakers want to keep their shop to be.

Demona: This was my favourite! Coffee bun! The top part had some crumbly crunchy bits of peanuts and baked cream, the bun filled with tiny swirls of chocolate and .... inside... surprise! Creamy coffee cream.. mmmmmmmmmm...

Best of all.. they all came in baby bite size pieces! You can have a lil' of everything in half the fullness, half the calories, half the sin! I guess, sorta' like the western way of "dim sum". However, don't underestimate these small, small, dwarfs....I was full to the brim after I had my last bite of everything! BURPS.

Bin Pao Bin.

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