Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yam chao session@Ice Cold Beer

Demona: My colleague, IL, is a regular kaki of Ice Cold Beer (ICB). Since ICB is conveniently located nearby his main area of coverage, he's developed the liking of heading over here after a stressful, hard day at work, gulping down icey cold beer at the bar, and .... free eye washing of pretty OLs who also head over here for the very same reason too. (Wife of IL, oops! Don't worry, he is faithful to you)

We decided to join him for a change this time, from his usual drink-beer-alone nights, since he mentioned that the chicken wings and pizzas are delicious here.. and most importantly, drinks are cheap during happy hours!

Demona: Oooooh lah lah. He was right. This thin crusted pizza was well baked and coated with golden brown baked melting mozarella, and filled with chunky sweet, sour, zesty tomato slices and fairly fresh tasting prawns, ending with a nice touch of italian herbs sprinkles. SGD 17.

Dogma, let's bake pizza once i'm back! Then we open a bottle of wine from your collection, and laze on the couch watching fake dvds. :)

Demona: This was the prawn paste fried chicken wings. The size of 'em were actually slightly bigger than the regular ones that we see in most places. The deep fried outer skins were crunchy, crumbling in our mouth and sinking in your teeth into tender, succulent chicken meat. The disappointment however, was that the taste of the prawn paste was almost missing. If I'd never knew its flavour, I would have thought that these were normal, plain deep fried chicken wings.
SGD 16.
Demona: Nevertheless, pizzas and chicken wings, never go wrong with beer. *bite*chew*ngaw* chicken wings.... *slurps* icey cold hoegaarden = blisssssssss.

The place was packed as it was a Friday night, and extremely noisy. We had to shout our lungs out to get our messages across to one another. I'd still prefer Wala Wala, since I'm an avid music fan, who particularly loves acoustic music. Happy hour beers, with fairly good chicken wings and pizzas also... and nearrrrrrr home. Gosh I'm so gonna' miss this place. :(

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