Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ren Ren Prawn Noodles and Wan Tan Mee@Joo Chiat road

Demona: Ren Ren Prawn Prawn Noodie Noodah, Ren Ren Wan Wan Tan Tan Noodie Noodah. Creativity "flows" across these foodie names. It was one late afternoon and JW and I were drowning in starvation and the burning midday heat. We were chasing our asses off for sales until we've forgotten about our tiny tummies "growling" out to their sweaty, tired, worn out owners.

Ren Ren was a down right stumble upon, type of food venturing. We were hungry, aimless and basically this shop was saying hello to us in plain sight.

Demona: The seemingly seafood addict, JW ordered a bowl of prawn noodles. According to him, the prawn noodles were average, and Beach Road's giant prawn noodles was still proudly standing as number 1 spot in his lil' prawnie list.

Demona: I, on the other hand, like prawning (fishing them at Bishan), but ain't a giant fan of prawn noodles cooked in this manner. The prawn noodles in KL are somewhat very different, and I am much more accustomed to that style. They do not boast on the size of the prawns, but more on the thickness and spiciness of the soup. Thus, you could see a vast dense deepened reddish colour soup instead of a much more clear broth over here.

Thus, I chose wan tan noodles instead. Surprisingly, it was really quite delicious. The char siew slices were quite lean, and thankfully, its appearance wasn't due to fake colouring unlike those that we get from many other stalls around. This aspect, is one of my biggest turn offs from a wan tan noodle. Secondly, the noodles did not come in a giant clump, like a string ball trying to stuff itself down a cat's throat, which was another big phew phew.

Demona: JW ordered these prawn " bak kian". Yummmmyyyyyyyyyy.. ! What would have been better if there was a sip of icey, cold mug of konig right after chewing these lil' ball like bak kians.

Technically, we could have.

If we want to meet our doctors later, in a drunkened, high, alcoholic breath-like state. Maybe this outrageous manner could get us some sales haha.

Demona: Our meal only cost us around SGD 10, fairly cheap alright. We ain't complaining! Good thing about it's that it is situated across my church. This would be an interesting place to let Mr Dogma have a lil' taste whenever he comes down, or lunch after Sunday's service.

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