Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jam fight!@Demona's home

Demona: Tonight's dinner was one of those...." bored-hungry but do not know what to eat-too lazy to buy or cook food-i'm too tired-i'm still broke" dinners.

Let's settle this with......... good olde' carbs!

A healthy loaf of wholemeal bread and a good spread to go along with.

So happens... I've got two types of jam on hand.

Demona: Looks like there'll be war here tonight! Blood shed will smear the night!

Jam warrior 1:
Demona: I got this cute lil' bottle of jam from White Bait and Kale, when I attended one of their baking classes (Which was so much fun! And my.. my.. I learnt a kick-ass gingerbread spiced cake from there). This jam, along with a gingerbread man cookie was WB&K's door gift.

Jam warrior 1:
"You can taste my powerful squashed, juicy sweet blueberry bits! "
"Feel the fire, feel the heat, from my silent weapon.. port!"

Jam warrior 2:

Demona: Jams ain't cheap in Malaysia. The really good ones are dressed with shiny, golden price tags. The horrible taste, almost unedible ones are dirt cheap.. but yeah, one teaspoonful and you can't go on no more. Then, there are those in-between ones, which are not bad.. but you won't get the good kick from them either.

This was my first time buying Tamara, costing almost RM 7.

Jam warrior 2:

"Although my appearance may seem a lil' watery..look closely, and you could see the squashed berries, cherries and strawberries in me!"
"Look at my size... you're like an ant to me!"

Demona: Who wins the war?


jeng jeng jeng jeng.

Despite being a bit watery, the sweetness was just nice, plus you could still chew on lil' bits and pieces of the fruits. Just like what it was mentioned on the bottle. Something something German.. with a big 50% 'de fruits'. I'm assuming it meant 50% more fruits in it.

The posh looking blueberry port jam, was a major disappointment for me. Although its packaging gave it an impression of a high end brand of a jam, its taste spoke otherwise. I couldn't taste much of the berries flavour and the port was overwhelming the whole package. Its heat killed the fruit flavour. It was as if, I poured port itself on my bread. I tried stirring the jam in the bottle, wondering if the sweetness was at the bottom, but no difference was made.

All in all......

So I guess, in-between jams rock too!

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