Friday, November 20, 2009

Buy1Free1 chippie deal@

KL has not been kind to us, in terms of reasonable value, imported chips per se. however, on one of dogma's mindless trip around Mercato Hartamas, his eagle eye spotted the bundled packed of TIM's Jalapeno Cascade Style Potato Chips @ 14bucks for 2 packs.

Yes, it was nearing its expiry date.
Yes, it seems like noone is buying it. but quick witted Dogma managed to googled out a tons great review of this chips, rating it among the top 10 potato chips in the States.

Once opened, it releases a strong whiff of Jalapeno spiciness in the air, quickly suffocating any living beings in our small little room. It smell like someone just cut open a Jalapeno and furiously rub it against your nose tip, and i do mean, furiously..

It was spicy, and it was saltish.
It was anything but the greatest chip in the world,
but Tim's Cascade Style Jalapeno Potato Chips was a good venture away from the usuals Kettles, Ruffles and local Chipsters

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