Friday, November 20, 2009

Sekinchan Grouper Fish Head Restaurant@Cheras

DY, Ashley and Declan was visiting KL over the week. After trying the Tiger Fish restaurant in Puchong on their previous trip, we decided to bring them to Cheras for some good old Chinese Food..
This is the absolute favourite of mine at this restaurant, BitterGourd Fried Egg, with just the right amount of wok hei and bitterness on creamy egg.

next up was the signature dish of the restaurant, the Grouper Fish Head with Signature Sauce. It was a concoction made from chopped onions, parsley, and light soya sauce.

The fishhead was furious, big and fleshy.. Packed with yummylicious seafood sweetness in it. However, i would love to try the other flavours ( ginger, assam pedas flavour) the next time i visit this place. The fish head is a steal at only RM40 bucks for this gargantuan bodyless carcass

DY ordered a black sauce baby shark dish. This shark meat was cooked to perfection where it was moist, soft and packed with tangy chilli and onion marinates.

The last dish we had was the claypot yam chicken. You gotta try this to believe it... thick, creamy yam reduction sauce intermingled with charred salted fish the tender chicken a good soak before delivering up to ur taste bud.. mmm mmm mmm, marvellous.............

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Angel said...

I cant find this restaurant at Pandan Jaya anymore, i think they shifted. Do you know where they move to? I very miss their food.