Friday, November 20, 2009

Home Baked Bread Courtesy of RP's Recipe@YY's home

Demona: I've always enjoyed listening to RP speak of her baking adventures. Besides her never failing to speak with passion on her baking sessions (even if the finished product may end up as a big boo boo), she incorporates in lil' DIY tips and tricks, homemade to-do or not-to-do rules and these almost always gets me trilled and excited and motivates me to want to try baking with the given recipes.

I lack major experience when it comes to bread baking. When she gave me the recipe of the butter bread in which she swore her life (jk!) on its super-ultra-unimaginably tasty aspect, I'd thought I'd given it a try since it is also a part of my future dream of running a famous bakery. I should learn more from her if I want to make this dream a reality one day.

Demona: Worrying that I might have over beaten the dough, I lost patience and tenacity and poured the dough into the bread batter mould. At first, it did look fine to me, I assumed the batter was thoroughly beaten already. However, the cake turned out being a little soggy even though the hint of sweetness taste was truly... very well locked into the dough.

Demona: My first butter bread! Though the shape of the bread is way off the normal charts, but its taste could superseed certain bread that are commercially made today. I know what I needed to improve on if I were to re-do... beat the batter until its really smooth and light! Then I would have a really soft, light bread than the one above which was still a little heavy and damp, but a fairly delicious taste!

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