Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday Hearty Breakfast after hearty manna@Tengkat TongShin

Demona: The great thing about Sunday mornings:

a) traffic is a breeze
b) we rejuvate our heart, body and soul with manna of Sabbath's Day.


c) excuse to foodventure foodies in the KL city centre (usually we rarely make a trip downtown due to crazy traffic and distance, but since St. Andrews is in KL itself... yippie!)

Our usual brunch deciding style? Cruise along the roads around KL and stop to eat at any interesting looking eateries that caught our tummy juices's attention.

After having spiritual manna, we had a sudden surge of craving for physical manna. Toast bread! Preferably ala kopitiam style. We stopped by a corner kopitiam lot along Tengkat TongShin, which was packed with hungry ghosts. Looking at its popularity, there we went, "zoom-ing" our car to any slot available by the road side (illegal parking), and walked over.

Demona: The toast bread's presentation and performance crushed our craving almost immediately. Not only did the bread tasted horribly lousy, it was quite hard also. Even if a 5 year old kid was forced to eat this for his breakfast before he goes to school , he probably would be crying his heart out to his mommy, for ruining his favourite childhood food.

Demona: The meat balls were pretty average. Its taste didn't run far from the ones you usually get if you happen to order a pork noodle dish in an overly commercialised chinese food court.

Demona: The noodles earned fairly better reviews compared to the other dishes which we had ordered that morning. Adding minced meat into noodles could never any worse than, OK-LAH. Too much oil was drizzled over the noodles, but beggars can't be choosers! Dogma slurped every string of noodle anyway.
Undoubtedly, the only food left behind was the toast bread. Even the "i-feel-guilty-if-i-don't-finish-my-food-and-it-will-be-thrown-away" feeling that most food gluttoners almost always have (like us!) just could not possibly take another bite out of it.
Fellas out there, especially not so fussy ones... the stalls selling the main meals are average, but do try to resist the temptation of having toast bread on a Sunday brunch from this shop.. because the disappointment (like the one that we had) would really ruin all the great fun happy memories we all have, having to eat fragrant buttery toast bread, dipped in a hot cuppa' kopi sioh!

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