Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ah Leng Char Kueh Teow@Jalan Dato' Keramat, Penang

Demona: Who wouldn't think of Char Kueh Teow when the word "Penang" comes up. Heck, even the locals themselves debate on which CKT is the best in town. That shows just how many CKT stalls there are in Penang, all frying their best-est to be the labelled the most "hoh-chiak!" in this food haven.

I definitely can't comment much on which stall's the better one as this was the only stall that I've tried so far... which was GOOOOOODDDDDD.

Our local colleagues raved about the famous Ah Leng (name of the chef) Char Kueh Teow and his superhuman abilities to make this humble dish oh so slurpilicious. The chef is so well known that he even hung a plate above his stall with an imprint of his handphone number, for foodie hunters who want to order in advance or have a problem finding this hawker place.

Sure enough, the CKT was worth the calories. The KT strands were so nicely fried that not a single one was glued to another. Apparently, he fries the KT with duck eggs (is this true... ?) and for RM 5, he had better give big prawns. Even the prawns were cooked enough to ensure they were edible but not overcooked harden.

Without persistent control of your mind, resisting the temptation of ordering another plate... possible consequences:

a) Sore throat kau kau
b) Calories over burst
c) Never ever want to eat CKT anywhere else except the really good ones, which is hard to find.

Here's another close up pict of these golden strand goodies.

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