Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fluffy wuffy chapati@Market Taman Tun Sardon

MDemona: This is my first official work trip to Penang. I was obviously excited.. hey, I'm in the food haven town! (besides Ipoh, of course). Once my colleague and I landed in Penang, we met our local colleagues here for a quick bite before heading off to work.

We arrived at this market, filled with patrons busy chomping away all these deliciousness. I loved the sight of people enjoying their food, and the stall owners earnestly preparing their dishes, aiming to serve their best to their loyal customers.

There were all kinds of yummy food here! Nasi lemak, roti canai, "kuih-muih", toast bread etc. I was spoilt for choices.

In the end... I came across this stall where the couple only sells chapati. It caught my attention immediately.

"Surviving by only selling chapati? Gosh, they must be really good alright."

The owner never stopped for even one minutes without having to make a chapati. I ordered one and ... PHEW, it was an awesome choice I made.

This was by far, the best, fluffiest, freshest chapati I've ever eaten so far. I didn't even need any side dishes to complement my chapati. It was pure awesomeness on it's own.

I think I'm going to visit this uncle a lot more from now on. SLURPPPPPPP.

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