Sunday, October 17, 2010

Peace and quiet lunch@Ristretto Cafe, MontKiara 10, Jalan Kiara 1

Demona: Sunday's Sabbath day, God's day of rest and for us to gather and renew our hearts for the week at church. After spiritual renewal and rejuvenation, physical rejuvenation comes along. Sunday Coffee day!

Dogma's friend recommended this place for good coffee. Initially, we got lost searching for "Mont Kiara 10", but thanks to Google maps. Tadah! This cozy cafe's nicely tucked in at the end of the road. Away from the crowd, away from noise...

Demona: A nice outdoor area to have a meal and coffee. The tranquility!

Demona: Simplicity. A juicer corner, and a coffee brewing area. The staffs were really friendly, in welcoming us, recommending us their must-haves and serving us. Oh yeah.. kinda' nice having John Mayer's album playing as background music.

Demona: I ordered a ham and cheese panini sandwich, with salad on the side. The sandwich was so-so, nothing biggie to shout about in terms of taste but i did feel his/her sincerity in the preparation of the food. Nicely toasted, and the bread tasted fresh. RM 10, pretty decent I gotta' say for a quick bite/light brunch.

Demona: Dogma ordered the flat white, Costa Rica beans. Quite milky and creamy, but I preferred my cappucino. RM 8.

Demona: This was my cappucino. The froth was really thick and milky. It's one of the few better cappucinos which I had so far. I wished that the cup was bigger though, more to drink! RM 8.

Demona: Dogma ordered the fish and chips. It's been awhile since we last saw crinkle cut fries being served. The fish was quite fresh also and thankfully it wasn't one of those with tons of flour but thinly sliced fish inside. The tartar sauce seemed home made as well and they were pretty generous with the portion. RM 15

Parking's free over here (yey!) and it was really quite enjoyable having good coffee in a peace and quiet setting. Hey, they even gave us a card to collect stamps for free coffee so I doubt this will be our last visit here.

Ristretto closes pretty late at night, 11 pm. Wonder how's it like having dinner here. Anyone's got an experience on that before?

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