Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stylo classic toast bread@kopitiam in Campbell Street

Demona: This may seem like a humble looking street side kopitiam.. no frills, no thrills. You could smell the buttery aroma of the toast bread and coffee when walking from the other end of the lane towards here.

Demona : Kopi ais kurang manis. The "kau" coffee is at the bottom layer, with the milky layer on the top. Mr.CoffeeMaker left it for me to decide how sweet I want my coffee to be. The more sweet I like my drink to be, the more I stir my drink.

I didn't stir my drink at all.. the coffee was just nice, as it was in the picture.

Demona: The toast bread really had a strong charcoal aroma absorbed into it. Crunchy and crumbly on the outside, and soft, fluffy, warm buttery on the inside. Eating the toast bread really gave a "syok" moment, somehow made me feel like I'm a kid all over again...just pure happiness in eating it.

Demona: I was amazed with the toast-bread man when I saw how he prepared that white deliciousness. He had to squat, facing the warm burning heat from the charcoal inside this giant metal barrel (which is also used to boil water on the top), holding the metal tray laid with slices of white bread and constantly putting the slices in and pulling them out in order for them to toast evenly brown all over. Imagining myself doing it, my back would have ached like hell with the never ending squats, and my fingers would probably have damaged skin from holding the heated up metal tray.

I salute the toast bread maker for such great lengths to toast bread!


Votum said...

Yum yum!! In penang ar?

Demona said...

Yeah. Penang! :) u from there?