Monday, October 3, 2011

Compilation of my breakfast sessions@elite palace hotel, st.eriksplan, Stockholm

Buffet breakfast spread proved to be really awesome in Elite Palace. Not overly done with its choices of food, and not under either.

They had all kinds of pate, ham and salami served with cold herring and mackarel.

Cheese: chunks of brie, cheddar, goats, mozzarella. Burps!

Bread: wheat, rye, baguette, sesame etc the list goes on. What is the awesome factor? Its dairy products eg butter. Mygosh. So so so so fluffy, light yet creamy. Swoooonsssss.

They serve home made yoghurt also. Vanilla flavour tasted really good. Then, i added some fruits, walnuts, dried cranberries, macadamia etc.

Swedish meatballs were awesome... Mmmm.

And best-est of all, a cuppa hot fragrant aromatic black coffee to take away and sip through your walk to work. Bring along a piece of pistachio biscotti to munch while the bittersweetness of the coffee sinks into your bloodstream.

Ahh. Heavenly. If i could have breakfast like this everyday.

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