Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goreng pisang PSL@taiping

This stall is famous for its gohleng phisang and fried popiah ala chinese style. Taiping-ites grew up with these delicious goodies.

The owner drives a sportscar, imagine that! I am in the wrong industry...

It has been a long while since i last had my hands on them, until last weekend when i made a trip back home.

The shop had expanded, and the owner no longer fries them. There stationed on the hot boiling wok, a petite looking indon girl.

The popiah no longer tastes as good as how i remembered it was. Banana fritters also shrunk in size. The cikodok was not bad but overall, i hate to say it.. The quality and standard has dropped dramatically.

Nevertheless, im sure this stall is sure to stay for a long, long time. Taiping-ites are usually loyal when it comes to supporting their favourite makan places.

I'm sure one fine day, i'll crave for them again and head over for a new batch of fried goodies. I'm empathetic towards my hometown :)

P/s: my dog hmmmpphh-ing when he saw me busy packing up to leave for kl. And another pict of him bidding me byebye with much sadness in his eyes.

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