Sunday, October 16, 2011

A cuppa cappucino

@ you have This too @ shall we dance? @ that tickles! @ the warmth of one's hand @ wipe them away @ bed of roses @ have a spoonful of chocolate ice cream @ backhug with warm breeze blowing @ partnership cooking @ surely appreciate the truth young man! @ dashing smile @ come let me help you with those things madam @ pinches winches @ what a joker! @ prayers, for you and I @ woof woof @ popcorns and movies @ why, thank you ! @ sorry seems to be the hardest word, no more ! @ that is one good coffee i must say @ lets go sailing and fishing @ good backhand. Ay mate! @ a hot air balloon ride? Nice @ listen and share @ this is one good charsiewpao @ wraparound feels awesome @ i announce u, publicly @ that is the sweetest mango @ we all love taiping @ patience is a virtue @ close our eyes with dreams so sweet @ smile with a reply @ peaceful sleeps @ fruity blends with strawberries @ can u patch em'holes up? @ liberation @ transfguration @ meadows so green you can sleep on 'em @ a grasp so tight a tear of joy @ open declaration @ kids will learn from us @ spread the Word @ save, love, peace.

I patiently await. With thoughts, hope, reminisence. Renew me.

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