Saturday, July 28, 2012

Indian Food Finally!@Barcelona

One of the cabbie drivers introduced us to this Indian restaurant. I had no clue on its location as the cabbie driver just drove us there. The entire neighbourhood transformed. From busy, brightly lited, city like area to dark, dim, broken homes, graffity walls solemn housing areas.

Many Lebanese and muslims from other parts of the world live in these areas.

Whatever it was, all of us were craving for GOOD SPICY food and this restaurant was spot on!

The tandoori chicken and lamb kebabs were super spicy and tender, and I'm sure they could give a good fight with our top indian food back in Malaysia.

Mango and plain lassi. YUMS. Thickened, frothy, sweet. Two words kept popping up in my mind, "Pampered. Comfort".

The mutton briyani.... SALIVATES. Cooked with long, fragrant basmathi rice. The mutton was spicy, flavourful and tender too. Needless to say, we all binged like crazy after days of tomato paste bland food.

The view of the sea at 6 am. Gorgeous isn't it. I will never forget this view and the smell of the salty sea breeze.

Park Guell entrance. Hello! Almost like Hansel and Gretel tale coming to life.

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