Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe@Barcelona

Finally, the conference came to an end!

While the shoppers group left to the shopping district immediately after, myself and Mr C stayed back and enjoyed a little bit of the Mediterrenean sea... and Chics. Topless, naked, etc. I managed to influence Mr C to jump into the sea also. Well, what are the odds that we get to swim in the Mediterrenean waters. That sentenced motivated him to take his shirt off and jumped right in.

The water was so cold, brrrrrr. And the waves were choppy too. So nice to just froggy style swim my way around.
After a quick dip, we headed to La Ramblas to meet the rest of the group. We decided to dine at Hard Rock. Good old fashion western, deep fried, greasy but delicious food! I ordered the ribs, which was a length of 2 palm sizes! YUMS! I felt like a caveman.

Mr C ordered the beef burger. Nothing special, but having days of tomato based food, this was a great change!
Drinks to go. After a hard week of work. Phew. It's great to unwind.

Coincidentally, Saturday was a day where locals / foreigners are given the freedom to carry out freedom of speech activities. On that day, two major protests were going on. The first was the freedom of gay rights protest. THOUSANDS of gays, lesbians, drag queens, etc flocked the streets giving out free condoms and carrying the rainbow flags. The second protest was a group of Egyptians, including women and children protesting against war in Syria.

Whee! My second HRC accessories collection. Too bad the accessories range in Sydney sucked big time, else I would have bought more!

The view of Barca along the streets at 11 pm.

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