Monday, August 8, 2011

The final home cooked meal of 2010 before crossing over to 2011

Foodventura is back on track!

Months and months of missed out foodie picts. Looking back at them, made me realise how blessed I was to have been able to fill my tummy with all these good food.

This was my home cooked breakfast on the final day of 2010. I woke up early, prayed and read the Redemptive Series book and gave thanks for a fullfilling year.

Then.... off to make a hearty breakfast with a hot cuppa brewed coffee :)

This was by far my best-est ever caramelized onions. I was extremely proud with the brightly purplish softened sweet onions. Scrambled eggs mixed with cheese and milk.

Every bite was a bliss.

One sip of hot brewed lavazza coffee.

A perfect way to end the year.. with prayers, and a perfectly done breakfast meal.

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