Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hidden curry mee stall gem@heart of KL (tip: near HKL)

One of the best curry mee i had in a longgggg longgggggg time. The gravy ain't typical orangish lemak like you mostly get these days. Very strong taste of curry powder with fragrant siew yoke!

The toast bread was a real  .. Ooh lala. Better than kota bahru's white house speciality toast bread. The toast was so buttery fragrant coupled with sweet home made kaya.

Best part about this place is that it is hidden in plain sight, i would not have ever stepped foot on this stall if my foodie sifu colleague hadn't brought us good-food-deprived souls (most of the time we suffer with crappy food from office)

He did say his favourite food hide out will be exposed since i will blog about it, thus my mouth is sealed for this time.

Whoever is really interested to try this place out, drop me a mail:)

BTW: what is even more peculiar, their main income was not the curry mee and toast but from................

fighting fish breeding!!

Behind the stall, were stacks of tiny glass aquariums, each with a beautiful yet fierce lil' fella swimming inside. Apparently very good and expensive breeds, minimum cost of one is approx. Rm300.

They even have Rotweillers and German Sherperds to guard these fiesty fishes.

Now isn't this a jaw dropping wow?

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