Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Groupon value meal dinner@Aria Italian Restaurant, Damansara Heights

Demona : This was my first groupon purchase. Being a foodie person, the voucher was makanmakan related. The offer was for a seafood platter appetizer and 2 pastas for RM 65 at Aria Italian Restaurant in Plaza Damansara, quietly tucked in this posh neighbourhood of Damansara Heights.

Being a skeptic, I did google up this restaurant to see if it was worth my investment. Not much reviews on it, and whatever found on the web were also old reviews. I did ponder for a while, and finally I clicked on the "purchase" button and bid farewell to my RM 65.

On one fine hungry night, I decided to use up this voucher. The place wasn't difficult to locate and good thing that it was near home for me. Very few people were there at the restaurant, which also caused me to wonder if the groupon vouchers were intended to boost its popularity.

Bread as starter was served, with a really really delicious dip, made of chopped mushrooms and olives. The dip finished almost instantly and the waiter was nice enough to give a refill. BURPS.

Demona: When the seafood platter appetizer came, I could only say.. "HUAH". The only thing I regretted not doing was to starve myself for the day in order to finish this up. Based on the menu, this is priced at RM 68. Fried calamari and brinjal slices, grilled vegetables, beef and salmon carpaccio with non-authentic parmigiano-reggiano cheese, a GIGANTIC sauteed portobello mushroom, bruchetta with different toppings, risotto balls. The platter is enough as a main for 2 persons.

The best stuffs served were: GIANT juicy portobello mushroom, the carpaccios, and bruchetta.
Best carpaccio still goes to OSO Italian Restaurant at Tanjong Pagah, Singapore.


Demona: The two pastas came after the appetizer. I stared at them, while burping and shaking my head NO NO NO. The zipper on my pants was crying out to me to release it. I looked at the clock and realised it took only 20 minutes to finish the appetizer and I was too embarrassed to ask the waiter to pack up these two freshly served pastas as take-away.

To shy away from embarrassment, we ate them too. The clam pasta may seem plain and boring looking, but it was pretty flavourful and I was glad em' pasta were home made. The seafood ink pasta was better, home made too. That was about the only thing delicious from the second pasta. The ingredients in it: prawns were really not fresh at all. The prawn meat were soggy. The scallops were average too.

Based on the menu, each pasta cost RM 28.

Well, RM 65 for these 3 was definitely worth the money. If it wasn't the generous seafood platter appetizer, I would have thought otherwise.

So.. will this experience make me come all the way to Aria for another Italian meal? Hmmmm....
at this point, I'm still sitting on the fence.

We shall see...

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