Thursday, September 1, 2011

Business lunch@Ben's Food Store, Bangsar Village I

Demona: We came with our customer to Plan B for lunch about a month back. This time around, our plan A was to go to Antipodian. As it was the final week of puasa, everyone was busy doing his/her last minute raya shopping and every single road on Bangsar was clogged up with cars.

Being nick of time, plan A was off our lunch list. Plan B food was still fresh in our minds, hence we opted for Plan C, Ben's Food Store.

The decor does somehow builds up an appetite for those who are eating alone or with another person and want to have a quick but good meal. Seats and tables were closely arranged and we had to tap on other patron's shoulders, asking them to make way.

Demona: Smoked salmon pizza with ricotta cheese. Very good combination of ingredients fused with the wooden oven charred aroma locked in the pizza. I only wished that they were more generous with the smoked salmon slices.. you could literally, count them. 4 slices in total to be exact. RM 19.90.

Demona: Nutella milkshake. This.. is the BOMB! Looking at this picture makes me crave for it. Ben's got a range of milkshakes, with names similar to the Ben n Jerry's ice creams. Made me suspect that they might be using BnJ's ice creams as part of the blended ingredients. Some other milkshakes on the menu are: Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, etc.

But the Nutella milkshake... ladies out there, this is worth every single digit of calories. One sip would get you thinking about nutella spread and kinder bueno chocolate. Shivers with joy, brrrrr!

Demona: This is the 3 combi salad, RM 29.90. With corn, bacon, veges. At first, we thought this was 1 of the 3 salads we ordered and were overwhelmed with the size, all praising the generosity of Ben's. It took us awhile to realise that they placed all 3 salads into one plate. Then, we all went, " ohhhhhhh......" RM 29.90 was a little steep for me, even if they had combined 3 into 1. I wondered if I had only ordered 1 salad, how little would it be.

Demona: 3 meat pizza. Not for the vege lovers. The meaty smell was so pungent, with a mixture of meatballs, sausages, ham. They were more sincere with the ingredients here.. at least I got lost halfway counting em' sausages unlike the smoked salmon. RM 19.90.

I would go back to Ben's for the milkshake, and maybe pizza if I've got a group of friends with me. But the sister restaurant, Plan B still serves better food I must say.


child of said...

Wow, looks amazing!

demonafire said...

if you have a sweet tooth, seriously.. try the NUTELLA milkshake. no regrets!