Sunday, September 18, 2011

Impromptu BKT lunch@jln ipoh.

After a truly inspiring sermon, time to be blessed with physical food.

Aimed to eat the addictive currymee at bulatan pahang, with much much dismay, they were sold out by the time we reached. And it was only 1215pm!

Next plan... Go back home and eat "puimin" ( instant noodles )

Some funny instinct urged me to say out, " how about eating BKT in one of the shops along jln ipoh?" while approaching the junction into that area.

Hence, BKT it was. With no expectations, no aim. Don't even know if the shop is popular or not so. Rain started pouring heavily too.

The corner lot shop, next to a dodgy looking hotel by the tip of jln ipoh end.. Was packed with patrons.

Food was served really fast. Portion was huge. Soup was quite sweet, lack a little on the herbal taste. Meat was quite tender in some parts, but not much so on the ribs.

One of the better BKTs ive tried. Tho the best still belongs to klang.

Would it make me drive all the way here to eat it again?
I think curry mee still wins that spot and unless they are sold out again, i probably will not drive here just for this:)

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