Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Post Gym Session Lonely Dinners

Demona: There are some nights where you feel broke, you have no great dinner parties to attend, you feel lazy, your palate seems off, your body is worn out from a long day at work... these do take a downhill turn on dinner meal choices.

These feelings usually hit me several days in a week, sometimes less, sometimes more. Especially after signing up to FitnessFirst nearby home, Village Grocer has now become one of my dinner sources.

Below are some of my weeknight dinner companions:

Demona: I usually leave the gym around 8 pm, just in time for .... FOODIE PROMO!

The bakery and japanese food section usually have promo deals from 8 pm onwards. As for the Village Grocer bakery, it is totally worth it as the pastries are actually quite delicious and they will sell them at 1+1. In fact, the same exact pastries are being sold with a golden price tag in that posh looking bakery located in the gourmet food area, under Cold Storage in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Bet a lot of people did not notice this. And in fact (num.2), some pastries are being served to us during our free breakfast meals in office. I'm not sure if we are considered lucky to be treated with premium pastries... or in fact, they are seriously cheap and we were donkeys to pay a premium price in BSC/Village Grocer.

Okay, I think I have side tracked. Back to the Jap food. Yeah, the party set is priced at... 50% off! The humongous thing is sold at RM 19.45. Woo hoo hoo. Ate with happiness under my comforter while catching up on my "The Mentalist" series. And then regret for not finishing them and over-carbing myself.

Anyway... I did come back another day, for party set round 2!

Demona: Since several months back, I suddenly developed an addiction towards NZ Sauvignon Blanc. I have this thirsty keenness to try new NZ Sauv Blancs. Hole In The Water was one of my top favourites. I've purchased 2 bottles already, and given another to my girlfriend as a birthday gift. Very strong fruity smell, somewhat lychee and has a smooth finish. Easy to drink, without a need to drink with food. Looking at this picture makes me want to grab another bottle from the wine section in Village Grocer.

RM 54.90.

Demona: For those who know me well.. they know that I'm an insane KokoKrunchKrankyKrazy addict. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a couple of days and still crave for it.
They are dinner saviours for me on some lazy nights when I'm too lazy to cook, I forgotten to defrost my meat, I crave for something sweet.

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