Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tea dinner@PurpleCane, Gardens Midvalley

A short and quick dinner before winter clothing shopping.

Braised chicken in tea gravy. Pretty value for money, rm18. The chicken was yeah... Superbly tender, but ive noticed that the flavours of tea in PC's dishes are gradually diminishing. If only the taste was stronger in the braised chicken.

The 2nd dish was home made scrambled eggs with tomato slices, rm10. This dish was disappointing. Nothing special about their home made eggs. Anyone can cook this at home. Thumbs down.

The one thing that i like about this place is their refillable rm1 tea rice. Very generous workable marketing idea. One downside: diminishing tea flavours.

Major difference from the time they first opened until today.

This is what i dislike about most proper kl restaurants, through time, cost and expenses and quick profits come to play, the promise to deliver consistent good quality food is down the drain.

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