Monday, September 5, 2011

Wines babies delivered

5 years ago I had 5 plus cases of wines stored in a commercial warehouse in singapore.

5 years later I had them delivered back to KL.

Much has changed these 5 years.

I used to be a wine snob who thought Grand Crus were the norm and sub RM150 wines were herbicides.

Ironically, due to various unexpected turn in events, I am only sipping sub RM50 shopping mall wines on a good day.

Today, I got my good babies back. After stowed away for 5 years.

Wether it is rm500 or rm50, I am thanful for everything.

Praise the Lord!

Cos Estrounel 04
Serrangula barolo 04
Musar 99
Ducru 94
Leoville barton 94
Yarra yerring no 1
Branair ducru 02
Folin arbelet
Malescot 02

CJ, Ong

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