Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waffles@stockholm central station area

Walking aimlessly in this foreign city does bring a liberating yet solemn sombre.

I carried a precious book with me, with a prayer for Him to guide me in giving it to the right person.

Somehow, i carried it out today, somehow i decided to divert my destination, then i stumbled upon this old and big cathedral. Somehow, it was opened for prayers/viewing. Somehow, the choir was practicing their hymns.

I felt sad entering the cathedral. With the choir hymns on the background, it was beautiful even when i didnt understand its language.

The place is absolutely beautiful with amazing paintings on the ceilings, depicting JC.

Yet, it was very empty with several elderly people around. I sat down and gave a silent prayer, and decided to leave the book here. I hope it be according to His will and blessing.

A few steps out of the church, i saw a cafe with a very nice el fresco setting, and the swedish waflos word caught my eye.

Woohoo... When the waffle arrived, i felt like a little girl again, getting excited and thrilled over my new barbie or something. It looked delicious and pretty!

And boy boy.. It was as it looked. Slurps!

This and a cuppa cappucino, 89krones/ 10euros/ rm 40 plus.

Najib needs a wake up call because citizens are suffering in and Out of malaysia.

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JoeanneWLV said...

It feels good to have faith and believe... =) The sense of belonging, and the strength to move on with life. =D