Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dae Rae Korean Restaurant@Ipoh

We worked at a seminar held in Ipoh recently. The group had dinner at the Dao Rae branch, newly opened in Ipoh. In fact, the main manager (a Korean guy with long hair) was there too, managing this new branch. The side dishes, were only so so. Nothing great to shout about. What was great to shout about was the awesome success of the seminar and the company of friends present at the dinner table.

Grilled beef. A little too hard and salty. Average.

The pork came quite late. The pork slices were so fatty. They really had to be grilled really long on the charcoal heated grill to melt off the excess fatty bits. Even some of the hungry eaters who enjoy fatty meat felt this fatness was just overboard. Fail!

This cost RM30, for just kimchi soup and a pack of Maggi Mee. The soup was a little too sour for my liking. Almost like "Kiam Chai" (Everything goes in the pot) soup that mommies make at home, but Korean style. A little pricey to me, as most ingredients were just vegetable.

One key point to note: Anyone who orders this, should not soak the noodles too long in the soup. Just a couple of minutes after leaving the maggi mee in the soup really made the noodles fat and soggy. In no time the soup was sucked in by the noodles and no soup refills were given. I really do not think this branch in Ipoh serves good korean food. It was not cheap either. About RM 60-70 plus per head.

It was a great day nevertheless, the Word of God is flowing greatly in this town. May all who have bought the History of Redemption Series books will have their spiritual eyes and ears circumcised. Amen.

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