Monday, April 9, 2012

Hee Lai Ton Restaurant@Shaw Parade, Jalan Imbi

Apparently, Hee Lai Ton's branch in Shaw Parade is famous for its value-for-money dimsums. I am a BIG dimsum fan and was eager to see what this place had to offer. Our lunch coincided with the CNY luncheon for Air FM (...?) Never heard of the existence of this radio station before. The DJs were the MCs for the event. I had my lunch served with some lame jokes, performances and never heard of chinese songs.

Okay, back to dimsum. Gigantic siew mais, alright. Taste was average, but steal deal RM 7 just for their size.
They are famous for their char siew yoke. We were late, so this was the final kopek that we could get. It was, quite fatty for me. Urks. Those who enjoy fatty charsiews would love 'em I suppose. Overall rating, 6.5/10.

Oversized har kaus. 2 prawns inside woey! Steal deal. I salute its value-for-money deal. The only downside was, the prawns for this batch of harkaus might have been soaked a bit too long in the bicarbonate water. Chewy, tangy alright, but the prawns lost their flavour.

The CSPs, a let down. I love CSP alot and am quite particular about how they taste. Good ones, I will not add any sauce. Bad ones, I always resort to adding chilli flakes / chilli sauce.

The fried carrot cake dish was the worst. The chefs were probably overworked due to the radio station luncheon group, because they spent too little time frying my carrot cake. They were quite hard, and I believe they were a bit undercooked. We found this, quite hard to finish up.

Verdict: The aunty lady waitresses were honestly, quite fierce and most of the time, they may come across as rude, but I guess they were just being loud to be heard and not rude, else their voices would drown in the midst of the noisy packed crowd of patrons. You will definitely get your pennies worth paying for your meal here (tummy definitely full) and the taste for some dishes are not bad.

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