Saturday, April 14, 2012

Birthday cake from Patisserie Rui

Cakes from Patisserie Rui were the theme for my best friend's 29th birthday. My initial plan was to order her famous red velvet cake, but unfortunately her business is so good now that I need to pre-order 5 days in advance for her red velvet cake. PHEW. I settled for a simple fruit cake instead.

Above is a green tea macha chocolate swiss roll slice that I bought when I collected her cake. Boompacked with green tea flavour and not sweet at all. I must say, her signature deliciousness lies in her light, slightly sweetened whipped cream. This was quite good! RM 6 a slice.

The dinner was held at Plan B, Publika. The food here is quite good, but they've got to seriously buck up on their service.

This birthday meal proved to be rather special this year. Best friends who are working out of KL made an effort to make a trip down to get together. Ann, from Singapore, Ling, who is based in KL, but the nature of her job (banker) just makes it impossible to meet her, Joy from Temerloh.

Birthday girl cutting her cake!
The fruit cake was, delicioussssss... light, creamy, fluffy, fruity chunky bits. You really feel like a little kid again eating this cake. Small alright (only 6 inches wide) but the size was just nice for nibbling a bite or two after a heavy meal. Anyway, the cake is quite tastefully decorated, so it is still presentable as a decent looking birthday cake despite its tiny size. RM 35, I think. Can't remember exactly.

I bought for myself a fruit cake swiss roll slice. This was by far my second most favourite cake from Patisserie Rui, after her red velvet. Initially, I thought that this swiss roll slice would not differ much from the cake but it sure did. The lightness, yet creamy and slightly sweetened whipped cream, coating the fruit chunks and holding the vanilla sponge cake layer together proved time and time again that it deserves to be number 1! Best swiss roll I've ever eaten. RM 5/slice. An entire roll costs RM 45, you can cut into 6 - 7 pieces, depending how thick you like your swiss roll slice to be.

Writing about this made me want to take another bite of this deliciousness!

p/s: Nowadays, any cakes from here needs pre-ordering few days in advance. Business is really thriving for her! Downside is, sometimes when I crave for her cake, I won't be able to just drive over to buy but to call and check on availability instead. Kills off the craving mood sometimes, especially when I am extremely desperate to eat it and they tell you, "Sorry, sold out already!"

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