Saturday, April 21, 2012

Home cooked crayfishes@Courtesy of Mr Frizzo, thank you!

 My friend Frizzo was such a sweet soul. He had some extra crayfishes and so happens, his wife had a business trip overseas (no cook at home!). Rather than letting these fresh prawns go to waste, he offered to give 'em to me .............. for freeeeeeeeeeeee! (Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories style)

Boy oh boy, they were gigantic alright!

 The crayfishes were grilled and sauteed with onions and mustard. Cholesterol conscious fellas, stay away!

 The meat was quite dense, and a little chewy. I could taste a hint of the muddiness from the meat, most likely these crayfishes were farmed. 3 pieces of them were enough to fill you up full. But nonetheless, I was happy eating 'em.

Maybe because we all have this generic perception that seafood or prawns are considered a luxury item on the menu. The bigger they are, they pricier they get.

And mine is for freeeeeeee! So yes, I was smiling from ear to ear. The size of the crayfish was almost like the size of my fist. Kapow.

The crayfishes.. GUILLOTINED. You all have served me well. Burps!

Thank you Frizzo!

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