Monday, November 21, 2011

Destress meal@BEN's, KLCC

After work at the convention, me and some colleagues headed over to Ben's for dinner. I didn't know that California Pizza Kitchen bidded Msia goodbye. What a silent exit!

BEN took over and the place was so crowded.

We left the ordering to my fellow ben fan, Noora. She ordered garlic bread and chicken wings as appetizers.

The food came real quick. Thanks to the super power blast air conditioning, our bread went cold fast and the 'angin' went in, making the bread soft and difficult to chew. Chicken wings were so so. I'd much prefer them old skool style, with spicy mixture of tabasco, chilli and tomato sauce.

The soft shelled crab salad was quite unique. Sourish, spicy, sweet and salty young papaya slices, with onions and thinly chopped long beans accompanied by a really fat and big soft shelled crab. Again, power blast aircond turned our food cold in no time.

We had two pastas. Spicy crabmeat and duck confit. The spicy confit was average, nothing much to shout about but the duck confit deserved a round of applause.

Deep fried duck, deboned and mixed along with sundried tomatoes ans rocket salad, stirred with spaghetti. Superbly marvelous. The charred grill smell of garlic and duck really got fused in.

The nachos was quite disappointing. The cheese harded in no time and some of the nachos 'masuk angin'. Man, there sure was a lot of masuk angin food that night.

I would definitely come back for the duck confit pasta. It was smooches, oh so yumyyyyy.

P/S: one thing wierd is that this outlet doesnt serve pizza. Hmmmmm..

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