Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gelato frenzy@Pisa, Italy

 Apparently, Pisa's got many many many gelato stalls all over. Eyes constantly on the lookout for "Propria", as for home made. We found one, 5 mins walk from the central train station.

 Chocolate and Pistachio. Euro 2.20. From its taste, I could tell it was home made alright, the ice cream tasted slightly rougher edge. I absolutely love the chocolate ice cream here.. bittersweet, and every scoop you take really puts the thought of you munching on a chunk of a chocolate bar. Shows how sincere they add their ingredients into their gelatos.

 Pisa's a fairly serene town, with several colleges and universities located here. You could see students at every corner, cycling or carrying their textbooks walking with their headphones. I walked past the Medical University, and was caught by surprise to see their medical students all dressed up like they were in a fashion/art and design college.
We all had our schooling phase where we were so absorbed into the extraterrestrial, mysterious wonders ideas (all thanks to Mulder and Scully). Tower of Pisa was one of those mysterious wonders I read when I was in school. To finally see it, frankly speaking, I was a bit tad disappointed. It was not as tall and large as I thought it would be. Even the fact that it was tilted, it did not impress me much. Think I spent a good 20 minutes max there and was more eager to venture for food in Pisa than be amazed by this monumental building.

We got lost in Pisa, having to walk about 1 hour plus around the outskirts in circles and not knowing how to head back to the train station. The signage here is as good as signages in KL. Follow follow follow.. then it disappears. Would I come back to Pisa again?

I think... not many, many years.

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