Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty good wantan mee@Restaurant BBQ, Chow Kit Road

 My friend, who's an extremely season kaki of good food, especially in KL area brought me to this new shop, located along Chow Kit Road (I believe it is also Tun Abdul Rahman road, the main road parallel to the famous Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee. Personally, I am extremely bad with road names) to try out the wan tan mee, knowing that I'm a sucker for this dish, especially if it involved good char siew.

 Sure, the presentation skills were so so. But I was humbly surprised that the noodles were quite tangy, and thank gosh they did not wack the soy sauces onto the noodles, like many wantanmee stalls today, which really spoils the taste. The charsiew was quite good too, meat was pretty tender and crunchy caramelized on the outer skin, oh lalalalala. For those who dislike sweetened meat and prefer the more plain old skool' charsiew, this may not be the right place.

The wantans were pretty big also, only one could go in my mouth at a time. Some other places are pretty stingy and you can hardly see much meat in the wantans. Those you can swallow a few at a go.

 To have the full-on experience of the charsiew, my friend ordered a more fatty version of it as a side dish. I sliced out the fatty parts (Yes, I'm sure many already wacking their heads reading this). but yeah, oh so crunchy on outside and tender on the inside. One of the better charsiews around Klang Valley that I've tried.

Another upclose view to highlight the glistening caramelized skin and the fatty watty layers.

Total bill, inclusive of two drinks.and my friend's wantan noodle soup = RM 20. I think, it's a real steal deal for a quick snappy delicious lunch.

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Demona said...

no, the chic isn't me. Just some random cute girl tapao-ing some delicious chicken rice, which the stall sells also.