Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teochew Restaurant@Setapak

One of the popular lunch areas for KL-lites, especially working crowds. Despite the chances of getting the pungent oil stained smell on our workshirts, along with lack of parking space and its location being in a terribly jammed area, there ain't no stopping people from bracing through all these for the food here.

Traditionally, this place is famous for its fish cake, hokkien me and Chow Park Mai Fan (literal translation, fried white bee hoon).

We ordered the fishballs instead of the fishcake this time around. I'd much prefer these, maybe because they were simmered in the soup, giving the impression of being healhty and made me feel that the dish was less oily compared to the fishcakes. Don't get me wrong, they taste pretty fishy good, but a bit too oily for my liking.

Friedvege ( I can't remember what vege this was). My friend could not remember either. All he knew was that this vege was supposedly good for our body as it has therapeutic properties of healing bruises and physical injuries. Whoa-lah, I do not know whether I could trust it but at least this vege was deliciously enjoyable unlike food for medicinal purposes which usually taste bad.

Before I wrote this post, I did ask him again if he could remember, and his advice was ," You want to know the name? Gotta go back there and eat again."

The Fried White Bee Hoon, by far was the best among the three I had for lunch. I'm guessing it has got to do with the mixture of :
i) Good frying skills
ii) Dried shrimps, never go wrong to flavour up the dish
iii) chewy fishball and fishcake slices
iv) fried pork lard.... SINFUL.

Only one downside to this dish... the chef might have spilled too much oil in the rice noodles. It felt like putting on new lipgloss each time I scooped up a portion to eat.

Total damage for this meal, including drinks: RM 25. Not, too bad I'd say. But this restaurant would be more suitable and enjoyable for lunches with at least 4 pax. And oh yeah, if you are not in a rush too.

There was a fruit stall seller just outside the restaurant and we washed down the oilyness with some healthy bites and vits. Pineapples, guava, ciku, for only.. RM 3. Quite affordable I must say, considering the fact that the ciku was quite big.

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