Monday, November 7, 2011

Home cooked dinner@ingredients from Italy

Still jetlagging Italian land and air, i decided to cook pasta tonight, ala authentic italian, using ingredients that I bought in Italy, with the exception of local rocket salad. Rm3.

This pasta pack cost euro 0.80 only! Some pastas cost about euro 1, but in places like BIG store in solaris, the price tag was rm20 over. :(

I fried some salami slices bought from Florence's central wet market. (Euro3. Grated some cheese bought from Siena (euro 5 in total) and mixed the pasta with camembert cheese pellets stolen from the BnB in Rome (euro nill)Sprinkled some salsa spice from Florence.(euro 2)

give it a good good stir. And whoa-lah! Home made salami creamy cheesy pasta.

As for thirsty slurps, a bottle of chianti from Rome (euro6) Very nice to wash down savoury palate with a simple chianti.

Next round: skip frying the salami, i overcooked it :(

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