Sunday, November 20, 2011

Curry laksa&CKT@OK restaurant, TTDI

Otw to Jusco for some grocery shopping, pit stop for brunch!

Apparently, this stall at OK restaurant is popular for its curry laksa according to many food bloggers.

A fairly old tiny auntie was busy frying the CKT while her partner uncle rushed to prepare the curry laksa. Mind you, auntie fries with style alrite. She was all accessorised from ears to wrists, and finishing off with bright purple nail polish and red lipstick.

The crowd swarmed towards her stall. Many kiasu ones wouldnt move from their spot until the food was delivered right into their hands. Poor chicken rice and kueh teow soup stall nearby, having their space taken up by patrons waiting for auntie's food.

Not used to fighting my way through food, i had to unleash my ugly self or else i would stand there forever with no food to eat.

A good 15minute wait in the midst of chaos of other ppl yelling out their orders, to the auntie tensely chasing uncle with his laksas, to forgetting their customers orders.. I did wonder was it all worth it?

When i finally dived in the first mouth of the curry laksa, i was slightly disappointed. It was a little better than many others, but the hidden gem curry mee near Bulatan Pahang still beats this any day. Rm4.50

As for the CKT, it was not bad. More towarda the dark soy sauce style than the lighter ones. If only auntie had fried it longer, the KTs would have been more charred and that would enhance its flavour. Rm4.50

Would i wait again and fight through my food in future? Hmmmmmm .. maybe if i so happens pass by this place and have no other lunch plans.

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