Monday, February 25, 2008

Bottles & Bottles Midvalley Gardens

We were walking along Midvalley Gardens and coincidentally we bumped into WS and family ( Papa WS, Mama WS, Sister WS , Wife WS and WS)

Recalling the promise that I'd given to WS during CNY 2008 to buy him a bottle of wine ( i brought a bottle of italian Fruili from Denise Malaysia to his house, and that bottled turned out to be a disaster: Intense chemical nose akin to YokoYoko muscle heatrub, poisonous palate. RUN!!), I'd asked WS for a drink at Bottles & Bottles there and then.

He says ok.

Due to my recent affection with Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignons, we got a bottle of Dunsborough Hills 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River@RM80 + RM20 Corkage.

I hate paying for corkage especially in Retail outlets as it defeats the purpose to encourage people to consume alcohol in house and to built a wine appreciation community closely around the shop. Pooi! Thumbs down on that Bottles & Bottles Midvalley!

Dunsborough Hills 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River@RM80 + RM20 Corkage:
Nose: Significant alcohol heat thou not to the point of overkilling. Whiff of pencil shavings (YEY!) and cigarbox at the back with hints of cedars. Slowly turned to vanilin after some aeration. Did not improve much after 30minutes.
Palate: Again, more alcohol and harsh tannins compared to Sandalford/Moss Wood and VasseFelix. Sizable tannins attacking the mid palate. Abundance of currants and black berries. A tad disjointed to be considered top Margaret River.
Verdict: A good introduction to Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon but lacking in finesse and elegance.

Demona Self Shot PG version ala Edison Chan/Cecelia Chung:

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