Monday, February 25, 2008

Wong Ah Wah BBQ Chicken Wings@Jln Alor

We had heard so much about Jalan Alor's famous BBQ chicken wings and today is the day where we would be able to satisfy our cravings.....Right after the Beef Noodles we walk along Jalan Alor to hunt for the BBQ chicken wings..

The entrance of Jalan Alor: Fully packed with locals, tourist and gazillion hawkers touting for you to eat in their stall. Majority of stalls here are seafood restaurant. In Jalan Alor, this spells: exorbitantly priced food for tourist..

There were quite a few BBQ chicken wings stalls along the road and it appears none of our friends could confirm the real McCoy. However, Dogma (me) years of training and experience in the jungle being a scout has came to much use at this juncture. Dogma(me) spotted a billowing pile of smoke at the very end of Jalan Alor and he insintively says. IT MUST BE THERE!
Dogma is right: Big pile of smoke = very good BBQ chicken wing. We finally found the famed Jalan Alor BBQ chicken wings.

The real Mc Coy: Wong Ah Wah BBQ Chicken Wings ( pls beware some other stalls along jalan alor try to dupe tourist by naming their bbq chicken stalls as Wong ah Kia, Wong Ah Kau, etc)
One of the workers busy tending to the BBQ chicken wings. There were no less than 2000 chicken wings at the stall hanging on racks.

Now, let the wings do the quacking.

Chicken Wings Pyramid: 6 wings@RM2 each. Come stack Jengga-like
Glistening Chicken Wings: Wong Ah Wah's chicken wings was indeed heavenly. You could tell the difference when holding on the wings. It is not gooey and sticky like some other stalls that drown the wings in honey. Clean crisp while holding the wings, let us dissect the flavour..

Nose: Smokey bbq nose with some bitter end note. Slight tinge of sweetness
Front Palate: Instantaneous smokey bitterness intermingled with some sweet chicken note. This complex flavour are in harmony and not overpowering one another. And the good thing jsut did not end there, from the mid palate, you could taste some distinctive herbal tone while the end palate was infused with some bitterness.

Verdict: Wong Ah wah's Chicken wings is really in a league of its own. It has much more layers of flavours compared to other typical honey soaked chicken wings you find. The taste was not overly powerful but rather, it grip your taste bud slowly but deadly...making you dying for more of WAW's bbq chicken wings. Triple Thumbs up!!

Glistening Chicken wings2:
More Glistening Chicken Wings:
Half way thru devouring the chicken wings.
Dead Cookoo


Anonymous said...

Awesome review! I love WAW.

Anonymous said...



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