Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Demona's Departure Breakfast Treat@Dogma's crib, KL

Demona: Kayu-Pokok-like Dogma was an angel today. Before my departure back to Singapore, he "SACRIFICED" his morning sleep, draggggggg-ed himself out of his little dreamzone, slogged his way down the stairs and headed into the kitchen to make some warm, hearty breakfast!

(although Dogmama prepacked all these lovely dishes for him, and they were nicely stored in the freezer, so Dogma's job was to de-frost 'em and left the rest of the work to my tiny portable oven. But.. oh well.. breakfast served in bed, oh wait.. in couch I mean, this lady here ain't complaining!)

Demona: Thick, chunky slices of beef nicely tucked in between to slices of white bread toasted till the edges were sealed. The beef slices were tender, well marinated with some chinese spices I suppose, as its taste gave me an Oriental feel to it. His mama's really one good cook also. Totally different style from my mom's. I think every living person on this earth will always brag about his/her mother's out-of-this-world delicious cooking, eh? :)

Demona: Dogmama's culinary skills ain't just limited to Taiwanese dishes. It spreads around the globe! She went "An Yong Hai Sei Yo" in her cooking too! The two side dishes behind were actually her home made kim chi. No wonder Dogma kept mentioning how "healthy" he looked when he was a kid. THIS: Dogmama's great cooking, I am almost fairly, quite, 99.999999 % sure was the main reason why.

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