Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home made prawn crackers@Demona's mama

Demona: No one makes better prawn crackers than me mama's! Anyone wants to take orders? haha. Actually I rather not. The process of making these lil' crackers right from scratch really roughen her hands and makes them sore. I'm sorry guys! Best-est prawn crackers ever! and only Chuah and Chuah clan alone can have this priviledge... and of course, occasionally others who are around me when me mama makes me some. *winks* Dogma, eh? I remembered you chomping down these lil' cracker jagger goodies :)

Mommy's crackers come in two flavours, original and spicy ones. I believe I've posted on this once a long, long while ago. But, who cares :) I never get bored of telling people about how great my mom and her culinary skills are!

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