Tuesday, March 31, 2009

German Kirsch Chocolates

Had this after church during the fellowship session. Some kind souls brought back bunch of this deliciously looking Kirsch Chocolate from Germany.

If any of you wonder what is Kirsch, let this wiki-note kills your curiosity cat!

Kirschwasser (pronounced /KIRSH-VAHS-ər/, German for “cherry water”) is a clear, colorless fruit brandy traditionally made from double distillation of morellos, a dark-colored cultivar of the sour cherry. However, the beverage is now being made from other kinds of cherries as well.

The cherries are fermented complete (i.e., along with their stones).[1]

Ok, let us now talk about the taste...
The taste.... hmmm is not great. HAHA
The yellowish thing taste like grated coconut starch,while the dark stuff are just dark chocolates (DUH!)...and it has a tinge of sweet liquor taste from the kirsch..

Overall, not something that Alcohol loving Dogma crave very much about nor was it sinfully exciting enough for chocoholic Demona to gobble down after church service.

Verdict: A good exposure for these 2 poor Malaysian, who never travelled to Germany (ok, Dogma spend a day at Cologne/Bohn before) on Kirsh Chocolate.