Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Branch Nasi Ayam Penyet Testing@Novena Square 2

Demona: It was time for Dogma to depart back to Kayel, via our favourite First Coach at Novena Square. Looking at the time (530pm), both of us decided to just stuff more food into our tummies, with the excuse of "Let's have an early dinner! No more supper!" (Yeah right..)

We walked and walked and walked around this cozy lil' mall sniffing out for food.. and gosh, we stumbled upon a new Ayam Penyet Ria branch! Almost invisible in plain sight, hidden within the gigantic electrical store.

Woo hoo! There's no more need to head all the way into the hustle and bustle of Orchard area for some good olde' flattened chicken rice.

Demona: Whoopsie. I forgot to mention that our lunch was only 2 hours earlier. *burps out loud* We weren't entirely hungry.. just.. GREEDY. Besides itching for some yummy nasi ayam penyet, the patrons seated on the table next to ours, busily scooping up some delicious warm peanut sauce with these sinful, crunchy, flavourful Indon chips definitely caught our TGWG eyes, ... and TGWG tummy juices.

Kiasu-ness made us greedily ordered one plate too. Which was .. hellllllll alotta' chips, with hellllll alotta vegetables and helllllll lotta peanut sauce. Gosh. This meal itself, was already enough for two.

The chips did bring a little disappointment to us. I think that they were prepared for quite some time ago, and had poor storage conditions. Some were a little soft, and soggy. Bargh. Thankfully, peanut sauce came in to save the poor chips' day.

Demona: Here comes.. our crunchy-on-the-outside-but-tender-on-the-inside AYAM PENYETIE! Sure, the chicken was marinated with spices a little too spicy for Dogma's sweatbuds to handle.. not to mention its kungfu pow wow kick ass sambal of theirs, but mmmmmmmmm....... it's sweaty-wipey-good!

The chicken portion did seem a little smaller this time. (Economic downturn, chicken size shrink?), but taste wise was pretty much the same as the one in Lucky Plaza.

The huge mistake that we did this time was ordering the gado gado along with the nasi penyet. These ain't things which you could down easily after a full fledge lunch 2 hours before. We both had to unbutton our pants and rub our bellies filled with ayam penyet and potato chips swimming around inside.

Dogma went on the bus at 630 pm, and I headed back home. We went separate ways, but we both zonked out soon afterwards. It is the similar after-nasi-kandar effect that struck us.


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