Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Double dates@Wala Wala, Holland Village

Demona: It was the Valentine's Day weekend, and the boys were totally broke, outta' idea, bored.. *yawns*. Aileen and I crossed our arms and shook our heads with disbelief.

Demona: "Hmm... Wala Wala then? Near home, can have some drinks and good music."
Dogma : "Sounds like a good plan!" (Cantik la.. 5 mins drive, CHEAP drinks, got ambience, skip LV,GC,Coach bags etc, skip extravagant dinners, skip chocolates, skip presents blablabla...."

Demona: Man.. ain't we ladies easily satisfied? Give us some chiccccc-ken wings, some potatooooooo-wedges and our mouths are full, our hearts are satisfied. No sophisticated losbter bisque, grilled lamb shank with rosemary mashed potatoes, light fluffy creamy coffee tirasimu, swirling over riedel glasses of bordeoux wines.

Demon: Warfiener, the taste didn't leave much impression. Pale coloured like beer, kinda' reminded us of Anchor beer. *yawns*

Demona: Konig! ME favourite-tieeeee! I've developed the liking for it so much that this is the beer that I order everytime I'm here. Refereshing, with a hint of sweet and bitterness, this beer really gives you the *gulps* and ," Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." at the end of it.

All in all. We shall give it a hand to the guys. Though they did not do much, it was still quite nice chilling out as double dates, overbloating ourselves with beer and junk food. Totally ain't sophisticated and romantic at all, but dang..raw deal like this is so much better. The night had been fun.



when Dogma was enjoying getting pinched and touched by someone else... Grrrrr... (Dogma, you know who)

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