Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dogma craved Bak Kut Teh lunch@Zheng Jia Restaurant, Bandar Puchong Jaya

Demona: "What should we have for lunch?.... Wan tan mee? Chicken rice?"
Dogma : " Ba Kut Teh.........."
Demona: "Or indian food..? Thosai? Nasi Kandar?"
Dogma : "Ba Kut Teh.........."

Demona: I stared at Dogma. His eyes, enlarged, unmoved, with piercing stares. I turned to look, following the direction of his view. Just ahead, I saw Zheng Jia, a restaurant specialising in Ba Kut Teh. Then, I turned back and looked at him again.

Dogma : "Ba Kut Teh........."

Demona: I was stunned for a moment there, seeing how obsessed one could get over food. To prevent any unwanted bloodshed, I quickly agreed to his suggestion.

Demona :" Err... ok ok..... good boy, Ba Kut Teh it is ok? "

Demona: A must-have sidekick dish to go along with the herbal, spicy, porky ba kut soup. Sadly, the "yaocharkuey" was pre-deep fried. The hot, cruchiness of its outer skin was entirely gone. Even though they were dipped into the hot BKT soup... man... the whole oohlala-yummy-high-estatic like feeling just ain't there.

Soggy YCKs are such no-nos.

Demona: The soup was fairly enjoyable. Quite peppery alright, sorta' reminds me of Singapore's rendition of BKT. Meat's a lil' too fatty for my liking, therefore I'm almost sure that Dogma's craving was fully filled. I still preferred Klang's one. Any one's got other great Klang Valley BKT suggestions?
Demona: The vinegar pork ain't bad either. The soup's got a soury, salty, sweet combi action going on. We surely had one, well fed, chubby, fatty pig to eat today. Snipped, snapped, chopped, cut chewy fatty porky parts and dumped 'em into his plate.

Demona: Price wise... I had to admit, it surprised me. I was expecting RM15-RM20/ pax pricing. But.. hey, with a pot of tea, lousy YCK and two pots of porky BKT for RM22/2 pax...hmmmm.. fairly reasonable. Zheng Jia proves to be a place for people who are tightening belts, burnt holes in pockets, and listening to their notti tongues, strongly stimulating their brains to crave for BKT.

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