Monday, December 5, 2011

Breakfast at the hotel before a stroll at Florence's wet market and leather market

 I do wish that I get to have breakfast like this everyday. I love granola cereal and yoghurt, and the combination of both together is awesome! Coffee was bad though. I quietly stole a few more chocolate spread, which serve as my breakfast spread on some lazy mornings now, back at home.

 The moment I stepped into the main entrance of the market, this was the view. Wine, and ham, and salami, and pasta, and the list goes on. The rush of excitement immediately gushed in. I am guilty of not being like a real girl. Girls get the adrenaline rush when they walk into the shoppers' street with all kinds of luxury goods. I get excited over the display of delicious food.

 At the yummy wummy ham hung on the top, while fresh blocks of different types of cheese were displayed in the cooling counter. I wanted to just buy everything from here and bring it back home in my 20 kg luggage bag. Sigh.

 If our wet markets looked as fresh and as good and as CLEAN as this, I wouldn't mind marketing everyday rather than buying from frozen food from the major hypermarts. Fresh meat can be obtained in those pasar pagi and wet markets, but not convenient for me in terms of location, timing and.. most importantly, cleanliness! The smelly water puddles on the ground and leftover unwanted perishables thrown all over the place deters me from buying groceries at the wet market. The view of a pasar pagi when food stallers are wrapping up is always horrific. Rubbish everywhere, smelly. 

Locals just popped by this bakery and have a cuppa coffee standing by the counter while having a sweet or savoury pastry from the display below. In a 10 degree weather. This is life man!

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