Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sek Mee Choy@Kepong

One of those nights where the tongues were itching for good food.. but the hungry minds just could not decide on which food to eat. We stopped by the roadside just to crack our heads , " What to eat?! " Surely, this scenario is familiar to many of you isn't it?

Suddenly, the memory of my colleague and his hard efforts in driving us from work, through the heavy traffic to Sek Mee Choy at Salak South for lunch popped up.

We then decided to go to SMC, Kepong's branch. Also through the heavy traffic.

Thank you, smartphone. The GPS finally brought us here.

RM 2.00 a bowl of vegetable rice. I liked it for the the dried shrimps (Heh Bi, in hokkien). It reminded me of my mom's fried rice back at home. Dogma's expression , "Pfft! My mom always makes this at home. Very easy." OK - Lorrrrr.
Fried bittergourd with salted egg yolk. RM 8. The bittergourd was slightly undercooked, a little hard but still edible. Super bitter alright, but with a nice salty end palate with the shredded fried salted egg yolk. The portion was quite huge for 2. Initially, I was a little worried that we might not be able to finish the food, but who would've known... we DID clean up each plate. Sweats.

This was the star dish in my opinion. Star dish for the restaurant too. The Ba Kut Teh version from SMC is a peppery spicy one. Similar to Singapore's style, but 100 times tastier. What was good about it was that the soup was not oily at all, and clear too, thus you wouldn't developed that too-full-can't-digest-after-meal feeling. I would want to have sips of this soup if I'm having a bad flu. The peppery soup will totally clear off my nose boogies! RM 11/portion.

They were quite sincere with the meat also. Meat was tender and fresh. Thumbs up! The only slack part was there seemed to be a miscommunication between the chefs and the waiters. At first, we ordered lean meat with no inerts, but the BKT came totally opposite of what we've asked for. Of course, they changed for us.

Second miscommunication. We ordered Steamed tilapia with ginger, 600 g. Total damage was supposedly RM 18. This fish was the least boney fish among the list of fishes on the menu. I can't eat boney fishes as my tongue isn't slithery enough to separate the meat from bones skillfully. Boney fishes make me gag.

Then came this fish "Song Fish Head" (That's the name of the fish I've been told) and after a few bites, Dogma sniffed it out that this was the wrong fish while myself in stress mode, busy digging out the bones. Wrong fish, and wrong weight too. Heavier. RM 25 total damage.

The fish did have a slight muddy taste even with the piles of ginger on it. Definitely wasn't a satisfying fish meal.

The young owner however, was observant towards the series of misfortunes that we'd been facing. He came over and apologised for all the mistakes in the orders and offered us a free bowl of longan pandan jelly. It was a nice gesture from the owner, although Dogma thought that I am a sucker for freebies.

The food here ain't expensive, and very decently priced for the portions given. Thanks to the owner's attentive actions, my willingness to return for another meal is higher than the time I was eating my fish. But, the next time around, I may limit my choices to just the BKT.

Anyway, taste is subjective, I would still recommend this restaurant a worthy try for value-for-money meals!

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