Friday, December 9, 2011

Journey back home@KLM Airways

 All great things must come to an end. Time to fly back to BOLEH-land. This was the food served on our connecting flight  from Rome to Amsterdam. Stewed chicken with grilled mushrooms. Food was.. So so. As expected.
So sweet of them to give us toiletries kit based on gender. Females get a nice ribbon kit. A glass of champagne for myself. I got a re-fill not long after, but the clumsy stewardness spilled it on my seat. Now my ass gets to drink champagne as well.

This was about one of the best NZ marlborough SB I've ever drank. I am a big fan of NZ SB wines, and had been trying out numerous bottles. So far, those topped the lists are Hole in the Water, Goldwater. Now I found another one.. MapMaker.. I haven't seen it on any shelves in KL just yet. :/

Some wierd grilled fish with greenish vege paste. Weirddddddd. I didn't like this at all.

Breakfast was quite hearty. It was my final meal on the plane, and glad the food was good! Especially the grilled mushrooms and smoked salmon with cheese.

Goodbye Italy *sniffs*. Hello, Malaysia.

When will I get this chance again ? (shakes head)

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