Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post - food poisoning food@Home

Two nights ago, I suffered from a bad case of food poisoning. Woke up in the middle of the night with an open tap, and the tap was my mouth. Could not stop vomiting until 6 plus am, I had no choice but to see a GP.

GP was always my last resort as most of them are con artists. I still have not found a good GP in KL.

As there aren't many 24 hour GPs available, especially nearby, the only choice was the GP in Bangsar. Which was another conartist also. The doctor, instead of giving me what fitted me most, asked me if I wanted an anti-vomiting injection or tablets. I wanted whichever method that would be the quickest to stop the vomiting.

The doctor asked me to relax my bum, and I told her I am nauseous, and nervous as I had not had an injection in years and I exercise, of course my bum would be tense. In turn, the doctor told me that, "Hey, you wanted injection right? This is what happensla"

I"m like, "Zzzzz..????"

It did not stop the vomiting, as I continued puking when I got home. From then on, I had been sleeping for a good two days with a few small wake-up intervals in between. My aunt came to visit, I got up to eat, and then it was back to Snooze-land.

Finally I'm slightly more alive today. No more foodventuras for the moment.

Be a good girl, boil some vegetables : mushrooms, cabbages, carrots, onions, garlic and some chicken.

Man .... and New Year is coming!

Come on tummy, heal heal heal heal!

p/s: Oh yeah.. this was HOW I cleared by bowels.. painful experience.

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