Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chicken Rice@Ah Kow, Food court near HKL

 My colleague brought us to this food court for lunch, nearby work area coverage, HKL.Many raved about this stall's chicken rice, especially its sesame fried chicken. What I found interesting was that the chef was run by a Chinese man, helped by a Malay lady and people from all races are eating his chicken rice. Now, this is what I call 1Malaysia. Not the freakishly brightly lited up UMNO building promoting 1Malaysia throughout the night, and not sure how they could cover their TNB expenses.

The famous sesame chicken. Not too bad, pretty crunchy on the outside. Being a meat lover however, I'd much prefer Yat Yeh Hing's chicken sitll (fat, thick and juicy), made my money's worth. Nevertheless, interesting taste, with the buttery sesame pungent aroma. Never ate it like this before.

Total foodie damage: RM 5.00. Not bad lah pricing!

Worthy try for a simple day and a simple meal.

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