Sunday, December 11, 2011

Uncountable Re-visits@Macguli Korean Restaurant, Desa Sri Hartamas.

 Macguli is speedily  growing to be one of the top favourite restaurants in Desa Sri Hartamas. This place is run by 4 chefs, and they serve really, really good Korean food. Generous serving of side dishes, and they all taste great! Especially, the sticky sweetened lotus roots, gelatinous sesame seed slices and of course, kim chi!
 A slice of grilled peppercorn pork loin nicely tucked in between the fresh cabbage leaves, with some grilled onions and chilli paste. Waiting to be stuffed into my mouth. YUMS!

 Very delicious. Half fatty half lean. Suited for a crowd mixed with fatty meat and lean meat lovers. You can slice off the fatty bits and eat the lean ones. Win-win! RM 27.

 Beef bulgogi was.. excellent. The broth was clear, yet so sweet. From the long hours of brewing the beefy meat in it. I was already full, but my hands were not listening to my mind. They just kept going back for more spoonfuls! RM 20.

One of my used to be favourite Korean restaurants was the Korean BBQ Restaurant, next to the New SEA chinese restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas itself. It's no longer there now. Several other pretty good korean restaurants sometimes can't sustain their business for long. Now having found another really awesome Korean restaurant, I sure hope they can really sustain their business and here I am.. promoting on their behalf hoping that more patrons will come over to support them!

This place is famous for their home mixed Macguli.. very, delicious and fresh. Only RM 20. A great place for a group of friends, drinking and eating. They open from 11.30 am till 5 am in the morning. Imagine the hard work these fellas, 4 chefs! I sure hope they will be here for a long, long time.

After a flavourful, spicy meal you can request for a free cuppa Segafredo coffee. Ain't that nice? Wash down the palate with a great bitter fragrant sip of coffee.

Dogma visits this place few times every week, bringing customers and friends. He is already recognized as a VIP there. Acting like a TaiKoh there now. Phew. But hey, tummie growlers will not keep coming back if this place does not have what it takes to fullfill our tummies!

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